Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Working on the middle 2 today. The commercial pattern that came out a couple of years ago requires quite a bit of modification. the modifications took me the better part of two days to complete before cutting out because I also had to adjust the pattern for the young lady's measurements. The top doesn't have both insets on the the middle one. The sleeves are not joined at the top middle and have to be both cut down the middle and joined to the front and back torso pieces to be like the actual movie one. the sleeves also have an armpit gore set in the sleeve to give better mobility and smoother fit to the top. The pants have to have the middle line cut down the center front and the center back of the two pattern pieces. It also does not have the cape and hat piece pictured to the far left, but that is pretty easy for me to pattern myself. I finally finished cutting the tops out just a little while ago and heading back into the sewing room to cut out the pants.

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