Thursday, September 6, 2012

Star Wars Fans come from all over the world to Celebrate

The weekend of August 23- 26, 2012 thousands of Star Wars fans both young and old traveled to Orlando, Florida to be part of "a Galaxy far, far away" at Celebration VI.
The crowd waits to enter.

Entire families spent their vacation doing what they loved most, being a part of the Star Wars Universe.  Most wore elaborate costumes with life sized props to release their inner Geek and to celebrate their inner child of fantasy and wonder.
Russo Family having a great day in costume.

There were non-stop activities for the whole family that thrilled and delighted everyone whether uber life-long Star Warsian to the newest fan.

Shoot a Trooper Nerf Guns of all sizes to raise money for charity.

Next generation of Star Wars Fans

Trooper Olympics

Most impressive Wookie turnout.

Great Star Wars themed merchandise for fans to take home.
Jabba's Throne room
Miniature reenactments of movie scenes.
Roxy the Rancor made her debut appearance commissioned by fans this  700-pound, 17-foot-long creation was painstakingly sculpted from nearly 2,000 cubic feet of expanded polystyrene foam.

Amazing life sized props and sets for photo ops were big hits with all of the fans.


Beautiful fan girls pose with Jabba

Droid races with real working R2 units of all styles and variations.

   Make A Wish Foundation held a charity auction through the AS YOU WISH HELMET PROJECT raising over $135,000.  Some of the amazing Helmets
Ingenious variations on Clone and Fett Helmets to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation raised over $135,000.

 So much more happiness and fun for over 50,000 fans daily with memories to last a life time for even the most casual Star Wars Fans.

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